Expertise ● FHML - Nutrition, Metabolism, Toxicology, Epidemiology and Health Promotion

Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences

A disturbed balance between energy metabolism and dietary intake is at the basis of obesity related metabolic diseases that rapidly increase in prevalence and pose a high burden on society. In advanced stages, chronic disease progression is characterized by metabolic aberrations and wasting that significantly contributes to complications and physical disability with high medical and non-medical costs. The research within
NUTRIM is positioned around two major chronic conditions ultimately leading to degenerative diseases: firstly obesity leading to diabetes and cardiovascular disease and secondly chronic inflammatory processes leading to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, liver failure and inflammatory bowel disease. NUTRIM research has been at the forefront in unravelling common and disease specific lifestyle induced denominators of metabolic aberrations in aetiology and progression of these chronic diseases.

The research program at the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences (FHML) encompasses the entire spectrum of basic, translational and clinical projects providing the school with a distinct international health sciences profile that optimally fits within the Maastricht University Medical Centre care vision and organization. Availability of unique patient cohorts and biobank and a sophisticated infrastructure for metabolic phenotyping, furthermore allows a network-based approach to these chronic metabolic disorders that links tissue and organ systems. This offers a platform to explore systematically not only the origin and metabolic complexity of a particular disease, but also unravel relationships between apparent distinct (patho)phenotypes. Advances in this direction are essential to identify new metabolic targets and biomarkers for these complex chronic diseases at different stages of disease progression that will truly lead to personalized lifestyle and medicine.