Expertise ● FLaw - Food Safety, Health and Nutrition Claims, Intellectual Property Right

Faculty of Law

The Faculty of Law (Flaw) is actively engaged in research concerning food law & policy. A research team at the Maastricht Centre of European Law comprised of leading experts in this field carries out research on food safety and food quality regulation in the European Union and globally. A particular focus lies on the use of new technologies in food production, innovations & scientific uncertainty, health claims, anti-obesity policy, inclusive research programming for food innovations, and the role of scientific expertise in regulation (risk assessment & risk management). Other relevant food-related areas of law that are studied by eminent scholars at the Faculty of Law are: WTO law, intellectual property law, environmental law, liability law, human rights law and tax law.

Expertise is located in the Faculty’s institutes and centres:

  • Maastricht Centre for European Law
  • Institute for Globalisation and International Regulation (IGIR)
  • Institute for Transnational Legal Research (METRO)
  • Maastricht Centre for Human Rights