Regional Partners ● Kokkerelli

Kids University for Cooking
The Kids University for Cooking is a public private partnership. We aim to familiarise children with the wonderful world of food. It is all about the experience. Inspired by the children themselves and in collaboration with science, education and the business world we are creating exciting and instructive programmes that make 6-16-year-old children aware of their dietary habits in an exciting and fun way.

Kids University for Cooking Research Foundation
Kids University for Cooking aims to contribute to the development of a healthy lifestyle and the prevention of overweight, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and other related health problems. It aims at doing so by developing innovative science based food and communication concepts and rolling these out in “the world of kids.”
Central in the focus of Kids University for Cooking stands the hypothesis that a child develops beliefs and habits that are of essential influence for lifestyle and for the development of disease later on in life. Accordingly, obtaining evidence-based insights in child perceptions and behavior is essential for the development of concepts that aim at stimulating a healthy food and drink choice, yet meeting all kids sensory pleasures.

Kokkerelli®: the brand of, for, by and with children
School children and top chefs hit the kitchen to think up tasty and healthy dishes. It will be available in family restaurants and supermarkets in the Netherlands in the coming years. Kokkerelli® is the first real brand of, for and by children powered by research