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MVV Maastricht

MVV Maastricht is a professional football organization, concerned with football as a powerful vehicle and since 2010 pro-active commitment to a healthier society and the development of (sports) talent for the city and region. The experience thus are positive and taste to more. De club with various partners, including schools, university, sports clubs, local businesses set up various projects. So MVV Maastricht is not only visible on the football field, but also in various other places in the Maastricht society. The players find that their social commitment matters and that motivates and creates engagement. But more importantly, we discovered that their commitment youth in our region faster motivates to take that extra step in school, join sports but also that they have breakfast every morning and drink water after playing soccer instead of sport drinks. It seems so simple, but it is anything but, just ask teachers, trainers, counselors or policymakers. They have discovered MVV as a means to correct strings to hit.

Scoring with health and talent are logical social themes for the club. The offside open up against obesity is leading it. The first joint activities with Eat Well are planned and this is just a starter. MVV Maastricht, its expertise and its networks are available for (applied) research in order to win our joint game against obesity in adolescents.