News - Vidi Anne Roefs

Anne Roefs obtained a prestigious VIDI grant from NWO

NWO awarded a VIDI grant ( 800.000) to Anne Roefs for her research project entitled Mindset matters: how mindset, body weight, and dietary restraint influence neural representations of food.

Our Western environment is considered obesifying, due to the enormous availability of high-caloric foods. High-caloric food perception intrinsically has a double-sided nature: These foods concurrently have a high hedonic and a low health-value. The goal of the research project is to investigate whether a mindset focused on health versus enjoyment determines how our brain processes visual food stimuli. By taking into account mindset and using state-of-the-art fMRI analysis methods, this proposal opens new avenues to understanding the neural underpinnings of overweight and dietary restraint, which is indispensible for effective treatment and prevention of obesity.