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NUTRIM annually publishes more than 450 papers. A small selection, highlighting the different approaches and topics is shown below:

  • Calorie restriction-like effects of 30 days of resveratrol supplementation on energy metabolism and metabolic profile in obese humans.Timmers S et al. Cell Metab 2011;14:612-22
  • Bioprocessing of wheat bran in whole wheat bread increases the bioavailability of phenolic acids in men and exerts antiinflammatory effects ex vivo. Mateo Anson N et al. J Nutr 2011;141:137-43.
  • Efficacy and costs of nutritional rehabilitation in muscle-wasted patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in a community-based setting: a prespecified subgroup analysis of the INTERCOM trial. van Wetering CR et al. J Am Med Dir Assoc 2010;11:179-87.
  • Diets with high or low protein content and glycemic index for weight-loss maintenance. Larsen TMet al; Diet, Obesity, and Genes (Diogenes) Project. N Engl J Med 2010;363:2102-13.
  • Effects of sleep fragmentation in healthy men on energy expenditure, substrate oxidation, physical activity, and exhaustion measured over 48 h in a respiratory chamber. Hursel R et al. Am J Clin Nutr 2011;94:804-8.
  • Plant stanols dose-dependently decrease LDL-cholesterol concentrations, but not cholesterol-standardized fat-soluble antioxidant concentrations, at intakes up to 9 g/d. Mensink RP et al. Am J Clin Nutr 2010;92:24-33.

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