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Below you can find a selection of representative publications of our group. You can find a complete overview here.

  • Substituting Snacks with Strawberries and Sudokus: Does Restraint Matter? Giesen et al. Health Psychol 2010; 29, 222 - 226.
  • How to tell where ‘liking’ ends and ‘wanting’ begins. Havermans.  Appetite 2012; 58, 252-255.
  •  “You say it’s liking, I say it’s wanting…” On the difficulty of disentangling food reward in man. Havermans. Appetite 2011; 57, 286-294.
  • Getting a grip on drinking behavior: Training working memory to reduce alcohol abuse. Houben et al. Psychol Sci 2011; 22, 968-975.
  • Tackling childhood overweight: treating parents exclusively is effective. Jansen et al. Int J Obes 2011; 35, 501-509.
  • Control yourself or just eat what you like? Weight gain over a year is predicted by an interactive effect of response inhibition and implicit preference for snack foods. Nederkoorn et al. Health Psychol 2010; 29, 389-393.
  • The interactive effect of hunger and impulsivity on food intake and purchase in a virtual supermarket. Nederkoorn et al. Int J Obes 2009; 33, 905–912.
  •  Implicit measures of association in psychopathology research. Roefs et al. Psychol Bull 2011; 137, 149–193.
  • Fighting food temptations: The modulating effects of short-term cognitive reappraisal, suppression and up-regulation on mesocorticolimbic activity related to appetitive motivation. Siep et al. Neuroimage 2012; 60, 213-220.
  • Adding Cognitive Therapy to Dietetic Treatment prevents Relapse in Obesity. Werrij et al. J Psychosom Res 2009; 67, 315–324.
  •  Can(not) take my eyes off it: Attention bias for food in overweight participants. Werthmann et al. Health Psychol 2011; 30, 561-569.