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Thesis ‘Interactions between nutrition and medicine in effect and law’
by Alie de Boer

On Friday 6th of November Alie de Boer succesfully defended her thesis. This is a special occasion since it is the first  "Eatwell-thesis".  

Prof. dr. A. Bast & Prof. dr. E. Vos

The research presented in the thesis concerns the use of nutritional science in the implementation of the European Nutrition and Health Claim Regulation as well as either the positive or negative effects resulting from combining the use of foods and pharmaceuticals.

Due to technological and economical changes, food and food products are not only being used to satisfy hunger but also to enhance health. With these health enhancing products as food supplements and functional foods becoming more popular, regulations around these products are developed as the nutrition and health claim regulation. This European regulation deals with all voluntary communications on food products about its nutritional content or health effect and requires these claims to be based on scientific evidence. The research presented in this thesis describes that the implementation of the regulation could be optimised by clarifying the methods which should be used in studying the health effects and by creating one EU-wide enforcement approach.

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